Tooth extraction is always a last resort for dental professionals – and if there is a possibility of treating a tooth rather than removing it, your dentist will always work towards this. 

Today we want to talk about tooth extraction in Birmingham and some of the biggest reasons for which they might be required.


What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is exactly what it says  – the process by which a tooth is removed from the mouth and away from its socket. Tooth extractions are usually performed by an oral surgeon however in some cases a general dentist will be able to perform this procedure in their office.. 


Simple Extractions

Simple extractions are relatively easy procedures that can be performed by your dentist in the office, requiring little to no major recovery time. This type of extraction is done on teeth that are clearly visible in the mouth, and not still hiding beneath the gums. These will be performed using local anesthesia. 


Surgical Extractions

For teeth that aren’t visible in the mouth, a different approach will need to be taken. Sometimes teeth have broken, leaving only the root intact, and other times—like with most wisdom teeth removal—the tooth simply hasn’t erupted yet. Whatever the case may be, surgical extraction will be the best option for having it removed. Typically, a specialist known as an oral  surgeon will perform your procedure, although some dentists are also trained to do so!


Why tooth extraction?  

Here are several  reasons why you may need to undergo a tooth extraction in Birmingham:

  • Tooth decay or infection has reached deep into the tooth
  • Baby teeth aren’t falling out in time for the permanent teeth to grow in
  • Orthodontic treatment like braces may work better if there is more room in the mouth
  • Wisdom teeth are coming in during the patient’s late teens or early 20s, and there is not enough room in the mouth
  • Accident or injury

Call our office and schedule an appointment today if you think you may need a tooth extraction in Birmingham, MI.