family at the dentistWhat Is a Family Dentist?

Family dentistry in Birmingham is, in essence, a dental practitioner who will treat patients of all ages. From babies who have had their first tooth pop-up, young children who are afraid of sitting in the dentist chair to adults who need regular check-ups. Family dentistry provides a wide variety of treatments. From cleaning to check-ups, examinations to sealants, and everything in between.


What Are the Benefits of  Family Dentistry in Birmingham?

It educates your children about Dentistry

Having your children start seeing a dentist at a young age will help them get comfortable going to the dentist. This will help eliminate phobias or anxieties.  Family Dental offices have special techniques to help children understand dentistry and the importance of having regular check ups.  


A long-lasting relationship

Being able to go to the same Dental office from a young age through adulthood allows you to build a long-lasting relationship with the office. They get to know you and your dental history which allows them to provide customized care to you when you need it.  You become a member of their “Dental Family”.


They are there in your hour of need

Having contact with a family dentistry that knows your history is essential, especially in an emergency. If you need dental care right away, it’s so important to have one that knows your history and you can trust. 

We at Birmingham Dental provide family dentistry care to many families in Birmingham, Michigan. To book an appointment, call us on (248) 645-2710, email us at, or fill out our contact form.