Dental Exams Birmingham dental dentist in Birmingham MichiganYour oral health is one of the most important aspects of overall health but is easily overlooked. Receiving routine dental exams is the most efficient way to diagnose and prevent cavities and mouth abnormalities. At Birmingham Dental, at the end of each routine cleaning, one of our esteemed dentists, Dr. Coburn or Dr. Sgalia, will perform a dental examination. 


Why is it Important to Have Regular Dental Exams?

The majority of people, when thinking about the dentist, only think about tooth pain, drilling, and complex dental procedures; therefore, they only see a dentist when something is wrong. At Birmingham Dental we encourage you not to wait until something is wrong to see the dentist. Regular visits to our office will help prevent or eliminate the severity of dental issues that may arise. Early diagnosis, completed through a regular exam, will remove the need for extensive procedures. 

We can diagnose gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, and even oral cancer through an exam. Not only will diagnosing these issues in an early stage prevent them from worsening, but it will also save you money spent on restorative procedures. 


How Often Should I Get an Exam?

Traditionally, it is common that a dental examination performed by a dentist takes place after each routine dental cleaning every six months. Although that is common, if you require extra help due to dental abnormalities, the dentist might suggest a more frequent visit for an exam. 


What to Expect in Your Exam

Medical History 

Once coming into our office, we will speak with you to obtain a detailed history of your dental health. You may be asked to provide information on other medical issues you are experiencing or medicines you might be taking. Asking these questions will help us get a better understanding of how to serve you more effectively. 


To complete a thorough examination, there are many things we do to be sure we are looking at your teeth closely. 


X-rays are necessary for detecting dental problems that are not evident to the naked eye. We take digital X-rays which emit very little radiation and can be viewed immediately.  Although the amount of radiation emitted by X-rays is minimal, you should discuss any concerns you may have with one of our team members. 

Professional Dental Cleaning 

At the start of your cleaning, our hygienist will be removing any plaque or tartar that has built up. Built-up plaque and tartar are the main cause of periodontal disease. While polishing your teeth, each surface of your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned while being examined closely.

Dental Exams

Once your teeth have been rid of plaque and tartar and have been polished, the dentist will look over your x-rays and examine each tooth looking for signs of decay. We will also be looking for and notifying you of any future possible problem areas. 


After your cleaning and examination, we will give pointers on how to best take care of your teeth while at home. At this point, we encourage you to ask us any questions that you may have regarding your oral health or what else you can do to prevent decay. 


At Birmingham Dental, we believe that dental examinations are essential to maintaining a healthy smile filled with strong teeth. Preventing dental decay is possible, and we are here to help you learn about each way you can protect your teeth. If you are in Birmingham, Michigan, and you are due for a dental cleaning and dental exam, please give our office a call to schedule your appointment.   248-645-2710